Czech for Foreigners Preparatory Course

Course price: 55 000 CZK

1) 27 500 CZK/ including VAT for one semester/280 hours – JUNE 2020

2) 27 500 CZK/ including VAT for one semester/280 hours – JANUARY 2021

Course load: 560 hours / 4 hours per day/ two semesters

Course Schedule:

Commencement:          29.09. 2020 – 22.12.2010

Christmas break:         23.12. 2020 – 31.12. 2020

Classes until:                1.02.2021 – 30.06. 2021

Enrolment form due by: 6.9. 2019

Registration: 2.1.2020 until 30.6.2020  e-mail:

Course enrolment form HERE


Please note that it is not possible to apply for study visa for this course and neither to prolong it for this type of stay purpose.

Notice: Only for students from the European Union and those who DO NOT require a visa.

Number of students: minimum of 12 students in a group / maximum of 16 students in a group.

Course content:

The aim is to prepare foreign students for university studies in Czech.

The course is intended for absolute beginners. An emphasis is placed primarily on the mastery of individual language skills (reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking) and on the development of communicative abilities.

Students will first master the basics of Czech with an emphasis on making themselves understood in everyday communicative situations. In this way, the students’ knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical structures is broadened. Attention is placed on the ability to carry out ordinary communication, then gradually on the ability to express one’s own opinion and feelings through to the ability to lead independent spontaneous discussion and argue in an appropriate manner.

In addition, an integral part of the course is a familiarisation with Czech culture, history and society as well as with specialist language.

Course completion:

At the end of the course, graduates sit an exam on Czech language and obtain a graduation certificate in the course lifelong learning.

Following the successful completion of Preparatory course Czech for Foreigners, students will attain a language level B1/B2 according to the Common European Framework of Languages and can enter the first year of study at UJAK.

Further information can be found at the Department of Foreign Languages or on the webpage: