Czech Extension Course for Foreign Students

Course price: 4 460 CZK

Course load:  40 hours / 4 hours per day

Course commencement and completion:summer semester 6. 3. 2023 – 12. 5. 2023

Enrolment form due by: 1. 3. 2023

Registration: 16.2. 2023 until 1.3. 2023; e-mail:

Course enrolment form HERE

Number of students:  minimum of 12 students in a group / maximum of 16 students in a group.

Course content:

The course is intended for foreign students in the first year of study at UJAK as well as students from other universities, who need to perfect their Czech language skills. An emphasis is placed on the consolidation of individual language skills and a gradual broadening of vocabulary.  A part of the course includes working with specialist literature. Furthermore, the course focuses on the consolidation of written expression in the appropriate style and the formation of a logically structured text.

Concurrently, students will have the possibility to ask questions connected with their own field of study, In addition, they will be able to better orient themselves in the material presented and more easily complete exams.

Course completion:

At the end of the course, graduates sit an exam on Czech and obtain a graduation certificate in the course lifelong learning.

Further information can be found at the Department of Foreign Languages or on the webpage: