Student Life

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Life in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is located in “The heart of Europe”. Prague is an ideal place to travel from around all of the country and Europe as well. The atmosphere is multicultural because of its visitors coming from all over the world and people working for international companies.

Prague is the largest Czech city with more than a million inhabitants. People come here to work and study at a number of prestigious universities. That is why Prague is well-known for its diverse nightlife and many cultural and sport events.

Students, who come looking for cultural life, will be satisfied by the rich offer of different cultural events. Even though the official language is Czech, many cinemas, exhibitions and theatres provide English subtitles. All kinds of music styles are played in hundreds of Prague music clubs.

After being enriched by the culture it is time to go for shopping. You will not be disappointed by the shopping possibilities. If you like fashion, cosmetics, sport equipment, food or books you find everything in the large shopping centers which can be found in all the parts of Prague.

Sights to see

Prague Castle – is the dominant of Prague and probably one of the most visited places in the country. It is a complex of small squares, historical buildings, narrow streets and the gothic St. Vitus Cathedral in the middle. It is also the seat of the Czech president

Charles Bridge – the most beautiful Czech gothic bridge lined by baroque statues connects the Prague Castle with the Old Town.

Old Town Square – you can enjoy the fantastic view from high tower in the Old Town Hall or visit baroque St Nicholas Church or Tyn Cathedral here.

Astronomical Clock – all the tourists have to see the performance of twelve apostles turning around the astronomical clock on every hour. This clock in the Old Town Square is the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world.

Petrin Tower – was built according to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The tower is surrounded by a large park where many young people meet to relax on the green grass under the flowered trees.
Dancing House – the Prague Castle view can be seen from the French restaurant located in the top of the house built in the art noveau style representing a dancing couple.

Wenceslas Square– many historical moments in Czech history such as the Velvet Revolution took place right here The square is lined with luxurious cafes, shops, restaurants, and hotels. The most noticeable building of the square is the National Museum.

Vysehrad Castle – a neo-gothic cathedral forms the dominant above the Vltava River. Important Czech personalities such as the composers Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, writer Karel Václav Reis, or the late Czech president, Václav Havel, are buried in the Slavín Cemetery belonging to the cathedral.

Traveling around the Czech Republic

One-day trips

Karlovy Vary – the most famous Czech spa is visited by people from all around the world. They come to be cured by the various hot curative springs. Karlovy Vary offers accommodation in luxurious hotels and eating in expensive restaurants. The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is held here every July. We often organize trips for Erasmus students here.

Kutná Hora – is a historically significant medieval town with extensive silver mines, gothic cathedrals and exceptional ossuary. We often organize trips for Erasmus students here to see how Czech architecture have been changing during the centuries.

Terezín – a concentration camp located 50 kilometers northwest of Prague. The camp consists of a set of prisons used during WWII and it is one of the most visited memorials commemorating the violence of the war.

Český Krumlov – the Vltava River is lined by breathtaking castle and historical buildings here. Especially the spring and summer period brings amazing views and walks in this  southern city.

Plzeň – no doubt, Czech people love beer. The beer made in Plzeň (Pilsner Urquell) is imported all around the world. Visitors interested in beer history and in beer making process can visit a museum dedicated the beverage.

Pardubice – a city of delicious gingerbread.  Many shops with goods made of gingerbread can be found in the centre of the city as well as small sweet shops and cafes offering a pleasant time.

Other places to visit

The Lower Moravia Region – ideal place for lovers of delicious wine and small villages where the original Czech traditions are still kept. Traditional villages are surrounded by pure nature, ponds and hectares of vineyards.

Brno – you can discover a long history and various kinds of historical sights here. The dominant cathedral Petrov and Špilberk castle stand on the hill above all of the city. You can meet friendly people in the diverse theatres, cinemas, restaurants, bars and sport centers.

Czech-Saxon Switzerland – wonderful sceneries made by rocks, mountains, high trees and flowers makes the Czech-Saxon Switzerland one of the most favourite places for climbers, walkers and bikers. The region with the central city Děčín is located in the North of the country.